The Artist

Jalen Sims

Jalen Sims is a multifaceted artist, excelling as both a skilled graphic designer and a talented painter, while also showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit through ventures that amplify his creative vision.

Professional Documents

Reviewing Jalen's resume, portfolio, and CV provides a comprehensive insight into his diverse skill set, artistic accomplishments, and professional background.



From innovative design concepts to artistic paintings, each piece is a testament to my commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results.



As a dedicated and results-driven professional, my resume reflects a diverse skill set. Explore my resume to discover how my experience and skills.



Within my curriculum vitae (CV), you'll find a rich tapestry of my professional journey. Explore the document to gain insight into my skills, and qualifications.

Commencement Speech

Commencement Speech

May 2021

Watch as Jalen Sims, Northern Michigan University Commencement Speaker, takes the stage, inspiring us with his motivational speech.

Let this video be a nostalgic reminder of the day  we embarked on the exciting new chapters of our lives.

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